Lantana z Lintichu

 Date of Birth: 
 SVV 1 
 5JX5/4,5 P 
 Jarmila Huľová 
 Hamuljakova 141/21 
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 911 796 633 
 Ivan Kočajda Mgr. 
 Radvanská 25 
 97401 Banská Bystrica 
 Folemarkens Jasso / 5 - 4 / 

The absolute upper limit on the height, good head with good dark mask, high withers, firm back, normal croup stored both sides very well angulated, good move to shift.

Recommendations for breeding: used to improve the exterior and character.

Kormeister: Juraj Štaudinger Mgr.

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